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It's no secret Florida weather can be severe and unpredictable. Freedom Vapor Barrier knows tie-downs are a must when it comes to keeping your mobile home in place to shield against the high Florida winds. Freedom Vapor Barrier has protected thousands of homes across the state of Florida and wants to give you the security you deserve.

We Provide an Unmatched Level of Expertise

Our team of reliable experts understands the potential for sudden and hazardous weather. Forces can cause your home to shift, lift, or even flip depending on if the wind gets under or passes over your home. Freedom Vapor Barrier is here to determine which choice is best for guarding you. If you have an older home, we will use a vertical or over-the-top tie-down to protect your home from lifting, then a diagonal or frame tie-down to guard against both lifting and shifting. Singlewide manufactured homes will also need both types of tie-downs, while doublewide homes will only need the diagonal tie-downs.

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